High School @ Home

In Chapter 12 of the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens I write about the Four Year +1 Plan – the high level schedule you layout at the beginning of high school with the endgame in mind (e.g., competitive university, community college, job market).

I also note you should make the plan in pencil because it will go through a number of iterations.   Here are forms I’ve created you can download and use for this activity.

Four Year Planning Grid – blank form you can use to plan out your student’s high school program.  (The form includes room for 8th grade, too.)

Four+Year+Plan+Movable_Tiles– this tool includes tiles you can label and then move into place. Pre-labeled tiles include coursework, tests, and college planning activities 

Here is a checklist of tasks a collegebound high school student should complete to be college-ready.

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