Second Semester Middle School English Classes

We are still taking enrollment for Aim Academy second semester English classes. Our classes anticipate CLEP and AP testing at the end of high school. I started Aim to better prepare students over the course of their middle school and high school years to be college-ready in 11th and 12th grades. Then they can take AP classes (such as my AP English Language or AP English Literature) or CLEP out of college coursework those final two years.

We have two popular foundational courses for 6th-8th graders I’d like to ask you to seriously consider. Beginning with a few online classes in middle school is a great way to help students start to develop the study skills and academic background they need for college-ready coursework during high school. Our two middle school teachers, Joanna Breault and Lauren Bailes, are very experienced in working with this age group, and they provide a lot of personal feedback in both of their courses:

Together these two courses are designed to prepare students for our Introduction to Academic Writing and Literature in 9th grade.

Middle School Tools for English Excellence– a writing course for 6th-8th graders that lays a foundation for academic writing in high school. Assignments include descriptive, narrative, expository and persuasive essays. Young writers also learn to write “hooks” that create interest for readers and work on varying their sentence structure. Joanna also provided targeted feedback highlighting the student’s strengths and ways to take a student’s writing to the next level. Joanna has been a professional writer and writing coach to homeschooled students for many years. Register for Joanna’s second semester course here.

Middle School Tools-Reading Comprehension– students will read high interest literature and non-fiction while learning to read for inference and comprehension. As I recently explained to my own AP students, critical reading is not a skill you can develop overnight. Students who score high on the SAT verbal section or the multiple-choice questions on any AP exam have been reading broadly and analytically for many years. They have a rich vocabulary and they know how to read for inference. To really reap the benefits by the end of high school, students need to start in middle school practicing this skill consistently.  Lauren Bailes is a gifted teacher on loan to us while she completes her Ph.D. — take advantage of her experience and love for teaching while we have her! Sign up for Lauren’s class here.

Classes run for 15 weeks and start January 7th.

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