What Students and Parents Are Saying About Our Classes

I know committing to an online course is a difficult decision and a major disruption to your homeschool program if the course does not deliver as promise or the teacher just isn’t a good fit for your child. All my kids used online classes in high school–and when we found a winner it was a Godsend; and when we didn’t, trying to find a solution was time-consuming and demotivating for both of us.

One way I’m trying to guarantee your satisfaction with Aim Academy classes is by only hiring teachers who have a proven track record inspiring a love for their subject matter in young learners, and who are also willing to keep upping their game by learning how to use new technologies. Our classes are all led by teachers who are lifelong learners themselves.

Here are some comments from our first year’s group of students:

Ms. Breault,

I wanted to tell you how much my wife and I appreciate the MST class you taught this last semester. Neither of us are trained (nor feel comfortable teaching) in writing and language arts. Your assignments, review, and feedback for M. was a great way to get him motivated and to feel good about his writing. The positive comments and corrections given were spot on with the assignments and we truly feel that he gained a new “tool”.I certainly appreciate the approach of building upon each lesson and I believe it helped him learn better. Showing Matthew how a written piece should be created and groomed properly is a life “blessing”. It was exciting to gety our mark-ups back in the email. Matthew doesn’t usually get too excited about things but we could tell he felt a sense of accomplishment and pride while reading your comments. We could tell it in his face; trying not to look too excited, but the smile was certainly there. Matthew likes writing more than what he is willing to admit. This class reinforced his interest in writing and allowed us to see his desire for it explode. I hope you continue to teach this class well into the future. We have an eight year old daughter and I want her to enroll in the same class when the time is appropriate. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this program. (Comment for Joanna Breault’s Middle School Tools for English Excellence:Writing)

God Bless Youand Your Family.




This was one of the first online classes that I’ve ever taken, and I really enjoyed it. I thought that you moved at an easy to follow pace, and I appreciated all the information you gave me. I always felt like you had given me what I needed as far as sending the power points from class, which were extremely helpful, and the websites for us to look at. I could tell that you put a lot of effort into planning and things, and it was extremely helpful, especially with our quarterly projects and how you gave us a guide to follow as we worked over the course of several weeks. I also really liked doing the media projects, because I’d never done them before, and they were something new to work on. :) Over all though, I really want to thank you for being an excellent teacher. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot more about the process of writing different types of papers. (Comments for Lauren Bailes)

And here’s a more detailed evaluation.


Vicki Dincher, Aim Academy Science Teacher

Comments posted here.


Lilianna Serbicki

This is an evaluation of Lili Serbicki’s creative writing course.

And here is another comment posted elsewhere on the Web by a happy parent:

Lili is one of our very own JCCH graduates and the oldest of the Linus and Dianne Settino-Meldrum family.  She is now a college graduate, accomplished writer and excellent teacher.  You could not go wrong with your child in one of her classes.  Caitlin has really matured in her writing during the past year in Lili’s classand enjoyed the class so much she didn’t even know she was working!  Lili is offering classes in english and writing at both the Jr. High and High School levels.  Check out her website or get the scoop straight from Caitlin!



Here are links to some evaluations of Lisa Hawkins’ classes (Lisa is teaching American Literature for us this year.)

PA Homeschoolers



Carole Adkins, French and Spanish

Dear Mrs. Adkins

Thank you for your sharing  with K. this past year. He thoroughly enjoyed his classes and may have worked harder on this subject than any other.  You obviously instilled in him a passion for French. Since you are not going to be teaching at XXX this year, do you have any recommendations for continuing with French 2 in some other way?. I believe that  much will be lost if the continuity is broken at this time. Thanks again for your dedication and I hope to hear from you.



Debra Bell

You can read student reviews of my AP English Language course here and my AP English Literature course here. (All reviews I’ve received are included and unedited — I read through these when I’m having a bad day :)



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